Greenville, Indiana Saturday, April 30, 2016

A nasty argument broke out between Carly Fiorina and Heidi Cruz, after Heidi Cruz confronted Fiorina about sleeping with her husband, GOP Presidential candidate Lyin’ Ted Cruz, in a Pizza restaurant’s restroom in Greenville, Indiana on Saturday afternoon.

On the campaign trail, Carly Fiorina, running mate to Republican presidential candidate Lying Ted Cruz, and Congressman Marlin Stutzman ( a senate candidate), along with first lady hopeful Heidi Cruz, came to Mozzi’s Pizza in Greenfield for lunch Saturday afternoon.

An employee of Mozzi’s Pizza who was in a restroom occupied by Cruz and Fiorina, heard Cruz and Fiorina screaming at each other outside her stall, saying that:

“I trusted you. I allow you in my home and trust you with my children. So how do you repay me….by f….ing (expletive) my husband.” [Cruz]

“It wasn’t my fault. He came on to me and I really didn’t think you would care…it’s not like I was the first woman he ever cheated on you with.” [Fiorina]

Allegedly, their altercation nearly turned violent with further harsh words levied by both Cruz and Fiorina, but calmed down shortly after the manager of the restaurant, Steve Geyer, knocked on the door of the restroom, in an attempt to quell the argument.


Steve Geyer said that the restaurant learned of Fiorina’s intended visit late Friday night and the staff felt honored to have such a high-profile campaign choose their establishment to visit for lunch.

Later that Saturday afternoon, Stuzman, Fiorina and Cruz, braved the rain on the footsteps of the Hancock Courthouse in downtown Greenville, to pitch their campaign spills to a small crowd of people.

Obviously, Heidi Cruz, still very emotionally upset from her earlier altercation with Fiorina, made the following statement, calling her husband an “Immigrant”.

“We have been unifying this party. Five of those 17 candidates have endorsed our campaign. And different parts of the party. We’ve been unifying fiscal conservatives. Evangelicals. Young people.

Do you know that Ted has been winning the millennial vote in state after state? He’s been winning the women’s vote in state after state. Ted is an immigrant. He is Hispanic. He can unify this party.

We have libertarians joining our cause. I have people everyday from the Democrat party telling that they have re-registered to vote for Ted as a Republican because they understand what he stands for and he represents American values.”


In attempt to clean up the possible media fallout from Heidi’s allegations that Lying Ted is an immigrant and therefore ineligible to run for President, a Cruz campaign spokesman later claimed Mrs. Cruz misspoke.

“As she has in numerous speeches over and over, Heidi was referring to Ted as being the son of an immigrant,” said spokeswoman Catherine Frazier.

“That is a story she shares repeatedly on the campaign trail. It is an integral part of his background and personal story, one which resonates with the millions of Americans who share a similar background, and that gives hope to those struggling to climb the economic ladder.”

Whether or not Heidi Cruz was deliberately trying to sabotage her cheating husband’s campaign or not, is a matter of speculation. However, if Melania Trump had said same thing about her husband, Donald Trump, it would have been on every television news show and front page of every major newspaper in the country, that evening.

Story partially contributed to by the Washington Examiner.

Editors Note:

This story is was 100% true. Through my hard work I was able to dig up information and sources the Cruz campaign thought they buried yesterday.

Additionally, with the exception to a few articles I have posted under a “Satire’ category of my website, all other articles on this website are 100% accurate to the best of my knowledge.

When I originally contacted the sources I quoted in this article, they were all very helpful and forthright with me.  Late yesterday, I talked to my main source again.

At that time she informed me that her manager and the owner have informed everyone at their Pizza restaurant to deny any further questions to the incident and to report all inquires to them

I can only speculate who may have got to the people at thePizza restaurant. For those of you who don’t believe me, I respect your opinion. However, in my opinion, if you use your common sense and read my article and what I wrote to you today, I assure you that this article is a lot easier to believe than it is to write it off as BS.