Trump Asking For Volunteer Election Observers To Quell Vote Rigging

Brenda Corpian – 08/21/2016

Donald Trump continues to rightfully assert that the crooked Clinton regime and their crony criminal cohorts are preparing to exploit weak voter identification laws to win a “stolen election” through fraudulent voting.

Trump’s letting the proverbial ‘cat out of the bag’ is causing outrage among Democrats, and has alarmed some moron Republicans who worry that Trump’s revelation will backfire, threatening the party’s chances in close races further down the ballot.

Since 2010, Republican governors and Republican-held state legislatures have fought for stricter voter identification laws, which crooked Democrats who have gone so far as to use deceased people’s names to register voters, rely on to help them steal elections. 

However Mr. Trump’s revelation has deeper implications. Trump’s snitching is reviving claims that polls are “skewed” and rightful predictions of an outright theft of the November election.   

Rightfully, many politicians who have been engaging in criminal activities during the majority of their careers, are worried that Trump’s tattle tailing will lead to the revelation and prosecution of their own criminal activities.

Trump Asking For Volunteer Election Observers To Quell Vote RiggingIn Pennsylvania, a state where Trump recently revealed the truth about crooked election rigging and skewed poll results, Trump is currently kicking Crooked Hillary Clinton right in her fat posterior in the general election.  A fact that both criminal Republican and Democrat politicians are very worried about because no Republican has won the state in a presidential election since 1988.

Mr. Trump has said the race could be snatched from him there if something is not done to make sure the votes are accurately counted in Pennsylvania. His campaign is urging people to sign up as election workers to watch voters as they cast their ballots on Nov. 8, which the crooked politicians and their lying pundits are falsely claiming will cause voter intimidation on Election Day.

“The only way we can lose, in my opinion — I really mean this, Pennsylvania — is if cheating goes on,” Mr. Trump said at a rally on Aug. 12 in Altoona. A local Republican official introducing Mr. Trump was more specific, pointing to Philadelphia.

Additionally, Trump told a rally in Wilmington, N.C., that without strict voter identification laws, unethical people would be “voting 15 times for Hillary.”

In an agreement made three months ago, Trump hired as his campaign chief Stephen K. Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart, a conservative news website that has frequently validated Trump’s revelation of a manipulated election process, holding forth rightful claims of voter fraud and “propaganda polls” falsely showing Rotten Crooked Hillary ahead in the election polls.

And on Friday, Mr. Trump released his first campaign ad, focused on immigration, featuring an image of a polling site with the word “rigged” flashing onscreen less than two seconds after the spot begins.

Crooked election law officials are crapping their pants worrying that Trump telling on them will lead to their arrests, the loss of their incomes from criminal proceeds, or at least ensuring there will be claims of fraud from his poll watchers and a delegitimization of the election results should they continue with their vote rigging plans.

Rightful concerns about a rigged general election have often gnawed at American politics but were most pronounced after the 2000 presidential race. In that race, the popular vote winner, Al Gore, a Democrat and a former vice president, was separated from George W. Bush, a Republican, by a few hundred votes in Florida. The United States Supreme Court ultimately settled the election in Bush’s favor.

Trump Asking For Volunteer Election Observers To Quell Vote Rigging

After the 2012 presidential election, many conservatives made claims of voter fraud in Pennsylvania that were substantiated but not prosecuted. In the 2016 California Democratic primaries it has been proven without a doubt that California election officials swapped votes [vote flipping] for Bernie Sanders with Crooked Hillary Clinton, which resulted in Sanders who actually received over 70% of the votes only being credited with the actual 29% of the votes for Crooked Hillary.

Mr. Trump’s snitching on crooked vote rigging has increasingly pursued in recent weeks: that the political system is “rigged” — he has additionally pointed out the fact that our judicial system is very crooked, using the fact that Crooked Hillary was not rightfully charged over her criminal use of personal email servers while serving as secretary of state — and that the news media is tilting its coverage to benefit Democrats.

Many honest Republicans since 2000 have pointed to an increased use of electronic voting machines to prove that voting results are definitely subject to tampering. Roger J. Stone Jr., wrote in The Hill that electronic voting machines will be “manipulated.”

“We are now living in a fake reality of constructed data and phony polls,” he added.

Marc Elias, the main counsel to Crooked Hillary’s campaign and an incompetent lawyer involved in cases against a string of strict voter-identification laws in states such as North Carolina and Virginia in recent years, asininely called such talk fear-mongering aimed at depressing minority turnout.

“It’s a sad day when Donald Trump and the Republicans have to rely on scaring people out of voting to try to achieve their electoral aims,” Mr. Elias lied– Democrats fear that being snitched on for vote rigging could resonate among opponents of Crooked Hillary,  long after Election Day.

Last week, Rotten Hillary took her campaign to the heart of a Philadelphia neighborhood that is known for having previously promoted voter fraud – where in 2012, voter fraud lead to Obama illegally capturing 100 percent of the vote in most of its precincts.

Speaking last Tuesday at a Philadelphia high school gymnasium, Crooked Hillary reminded her supporters, “We know what we need to do, and the question is whether we will do it.”

Mr. Trump’s charge of election fraud has rankled Democratic leaders, by turns calling to mind a painful history of Democratic voter intimidation, and inspiring fear that Trump can win the support of minorities on the merits — if he can root out the chicanery.

For those who want to sign up to help stop voter fraud and election rigging, the Trump campaign website has a new page for volunteer ‘election observers,’ that states “Help Me Stop Crooked Hillary From Rigging This Election!” 

This is Brenda Corpian reporting and sending a message to Crooked Hillary, bitch—we will not tolerate you trying to steal the election.