Sports Betting: How Prop Bets Work

Sports betting is now more accessible than ever, but for those who are unfamiliar with how the various bet kinds operate, there is a learning curve. One of the most popular bet types is Prop bets and in this article will give thorough explanations how it works.


Prop bets explained

Prop bets are properly referred to as a proposition bet, it is a bet made on a sporting event that is not directly based on the result or final score. There are props that are related to both the play of the opposing teams and the final result of a game. The achievements of particular players are prominently featured in several of the most common props.


Popular types of prop bets

Player prop: refers to a player’s individual performance, such as the overall total points scored in a basketball match, goals scored in a hockey game, or rushing yards in a football game.


Game prop: is anything that is exclusive to that game, for example picking the first home run hitter in an MLB game or the team with the most passing yards in a football game.


Novelty props:  frequently saved for major occasions, like the Super Bowl, and might be anything from the duration of the flag and anthem to the very first song the halftime performer will play.