The Background of Sports Wagering

Sports betting has existed for thousands of years and is nearly old as the very first sport. The worldwide sports wagering market is one of the largest entertainment sectors in the world today, with a value of well over $200 billion.


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Ancient history’s beginnings of sports betting

Many sources believe that chariot racing was the first well-known sport to draw gamblers and this was where sports gambling initially emerged. Similar to contemporary horse racing, bettors may put wagers on the participants’ championship rankings.

Soccer is the Main Event

The whole first football clubs in England began to form at this time, which is when soccer’s modern history began. Since its inception just a few decades ago, soccer has rapidly gained popularity all over the world, ranking among the most popular sports.

The Development of Online Sportsbooks

It is widely acknowledged that the venerable Intertops website, which accepted its inaugural sports wager in 1996, was the initial online betting platform. It brought off the era of internet gambling, a development that would fundamentally alter the market. Bettors are no longer properly confined to local sportsbooks when the initial online betting services launched. They could communicate whenever they wished to make a wager from any location.