Anonymous Leaks Clinton Foundation Payoff to Khan

Get Off The Bs – Brian Michael – Aug. 3, 2016

Over the past weekend and for the past few days since asinine Khan spoke alongside his wife Ghazala Khan about their son, U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq in 2004, incompetent mainstream media pundit, editors, producers, and anchors have been hammer-bashing  Trump over what should have never been a matter. Crooked Hillary and her merry-band of moron pundits  thought they had a good one, a specific line of attack that pitted Trump against the military—and supposedly showed him as a big meanie racist in the process.

However, as Breitbart News reported on Monday midday, that clearly was not the case. Khizr Khan is truly a liberal douche bag involved with a multitude of financial, legal, and political connections to the Clinton’s criminal Foundation through his old law firm, the mega-D.C. firm Hogan Lovells LLP.

Khan’s firm fraudulently prepared  Hillary Clinton’s taxes for years, starting when Khan still worked there involved in, according to his own website, matters “firm wide”—back in 2004. It also has represented, for years, the government of Saudi Arabia in the United States. Saudi Arabia, of course, is a Clinton Foundation donor which—along with the mega-bundlers of thousands upon thousands in political donations to both of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2016—plays right into the “Clinton Cash” narrative.

Well now with some help from a member of the awesome freedom fighter group Anonymous, we have some more interesting information about Mr. Khan and his unethical connection with Crooked Hillary and her charitable money laundering foundation–did we say that?

Due to litigation concerns [no doubt a lawsuit is forthcoming – screw you Khan] we are not going to make other comments than to use your own imagination what this payment is for.  We will open up comments so that you can discuss this matter among yourselves.

“Hey girl, we have been monitoring one of several bank accounts for Khan’s law firms.  Attached, please take a hard look at the payment from Clinton’s foundation to Khan’s law firm.  Should not take a MBA to figure what he was paid for.  Enjoy.”



Authors Note: 

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We apologize to anyone ignorant enough to believe that anyone within their right mind would post anything closely resembling an original bank statement hacked from a prominent lawyer’s law firm server. That said, if we did not know for a fact by seeing and verifying the original document,  you would not be reading about it on this blog. If you choose not believe it, we understand.  

To anyone working for Snopes or think your great investigators. Great job morons for debunking a document as altered that we have clearly marked altered.  Wow, that is impressive.  No wonder why your web sites reputation has gone in to the toilet.  

Additionally, even if we were asinine enough to post an unaltered copy of such a document, there would always some so-called experts who would claim it was not genuine.

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