Australians Maintain Sports and Gambling

Until we can achieve progress, we must get to the bottom of our current cultural preoccupation with sports betting, according to a UNSW marketing and advertising specialist. An ongoing congressional study into internet poker and betting addiction is assessing current customer safeguards and betting rules and has previously imposed stronger marketing cautions.

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Mateship is Being Sold to the Winning Price

The permission and agreements for sports programming are expensive. Advertisement is one of the primary ways networks recuperate these costs. Regrettably, the biggest bidder is likely to be from businesses that may encourage the sale of contentious services and goods.

A Surge in Gambling Advertisements

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) maintains guidelines and limitations in place regarding when betting advertisements can be shown during live sports broadcasts including the live cast. Beyond the live sports broadcasting windows of time, meanwhile, Neilsen statistics show skyrocketing spending.

A Creative Neutralization Strategy

Simply proclaiming that betting is bad and enacting a prohibition upon advertisements would not solve the problem,” Dr. Richardson argues. “While betting destroys the lifestyles of individuals who become hooked, there are individuals who gamble and therefore would claim, ‘In our perspective, betting is a little of innocuous pleasure.”