Best Sports for First Time Betting

Beginners in sports betting wonder which sport is the most profitable and profitable. Nevertheless, there is no definite answer to this question.

Best sports for first-time bettors


Football is the most famous with bookmakers. The key advantage of football matches is that they take place in the evening. Beginners can combine their main job and consider betting as a side hustle. With the popularity of football, some casino sites offer football betting on their sites.


The markets for hockey also have lots of liquidity. Betting on American hockey is appropriate because numerous sites contain huge statistical databases about the AHL, NHL, and other clubs in Canada and the United States. Nonetheless, it usually obliges the player to watch the matches and bet live.

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The main advantage of tennis over other sports is the large volume of sporting events on which to bet. At any time of the day, you can check the line of the bookmaker. You will find trading options in live and pre-match.

Volleyball and basketball

These two sports are linked by a vigorously changing live line. At any moment, one of the teams may score 5-7 points in a row and thus the market odds will sharply drop. The liquidity of the markets for these sports is good, and the line is full of action in the evening or in the morning when trading in the NBA.

Horse racing

A few years ago, horse racing markets could rival football in terms of volume. At the time, this was one of the easiest to market. It was possible to earn an income not only by actively working on the exchange but also by correctly configuring the software.

Now things have changed for the worse, the races are replaced by experienced players who are very difficult to beat.


Bets on darts are not very common in bookmakers’ offices, but they still bet on this sport. The chief disadvantage of this sport is that it is difficult to trade regularly in its markets. Major darts tournaments run on a tight schedule, and the breaks between them can be as long as two to three weeks.

Of course, it is better to bet on the sport you know but also take into account other selection criteria. It is crucial to test your trading strategies on several sports to define where they work best.