4 Reasons Why Sports Betting Still is an American Crime

Sports betting is a hobby that you need to be very careful of not because of the people playing with you, but because of how a certain state treats it. If you are not careful, you might end up in jail and penalized just by doing it.

But, have you ever wondered why it is considered as illegal and a crime in some states?

To give you a comprehensive overview, here are some of the things that are preventing some states from legalizing sports betting and continuing to treat it as an American crime:

Gambling Addiction

A state’s concern, first and foremost, should be on the welfare of their people. When they would legalize gambling, it would mean that a lot of people will be enticed to bet and if it is not carefully regulated, a lot of them would end up going bankrupt or develop a gambling problem.

In connection with this, people who have become addicted to playing would not concern themselves of their losses, they’ll be more concerned abouthow they’d get more money. Yes, that’s right, other crimes such as robbery and stealing would then become prevalent, worst case scenario.

The Black Market

If there’s too much money placed on a certain event, chances are those who are in the black market would rig the results. Now, this doesn’t just rob the bettors of their chance to win, but they are also besmirching the integrity of such sport. Which is why it can be understood why the government is uptight.

Money Laundering

This is one of the greatest issues that classifies sports betting as an American crime. Because of the fact that it won’t be suspicious to wire a huge amount of money through this channel, the government will have trouble proving money laundering issues.

Even if there is a high chance of losing, the chance of winning is about the same. People who are thinking to take advantage of this can make it seem like they won a lot of money and transfer it to their funds without inviting suspicions.

Illegal Companies

In every industry, there will always be companies that will try to scam other people by making them believe that they offer services they do not have. Most states preventthis from happening by not legalizing sports betting because they know how high stakes usually are in the game.

Moreover, because of this, these companies may want to actually participate in the game and pulling the odds into their favor paying the organizers to rig the results or some similar action.Can you just imagine how unfair this would be on the part of the public?

Of course, because the government also knows how people are looking forward to participating in such activities, they are looking for ways to regulate it. It is possible that a few years from now, every state in the US might have already legalized it.

And with this, we encourage you to stay with us so that once there is good news about the legalization of sports betting, you will be the first to know. And also, we’ll be able to give you tips and tricks place better bets.