Sports Betting : Why Indonesians are Shifting to Esports Betting

Sports betting is undeniably very popular in Indonesia as an alternative to playing casino games and slot online, despite the gambling ban imposed by the Indonesian government. Traditionally and generally, Indonesians are sports lovers, although many have shifted interest in the less physical esports games.

gaming 2259191 640 300x200 - Sports Betting : Why Indonesians are Shifting to Esports BettingeSports competitions have captured the attention and devotion of young generations that prefer esports over the traditional sports like football, futsal, basketball, baseball and badminton.

Growth of Esports Betting Attributed to Young Indonesian Gamers Coming of Age

The Indonesian Ministry of Communication and IT disclosed that while the number of Internet users in the country is estimated at 63 million people, yet the Ministry noted that 52 million Indonesians engage in esports games.

Actually, the esports betting market has already reached that stage of being included as betting products in mainstream gambling platforms especially in Indonesia. Despite the rigid implementation of measures to prevent sports betting from flourishing, the country has been experiencing popularity and growth in esports betting right under their noses.

The increase in betting activities were largely attributed to the integration of live betting being streamed across online sports betting platforms. Apparently, this notable trend in esports and other traditional sports betting has been eluding the tracking systems of the Ministry’s monitoring team.

Just like the online slot market, esports betting has been experiencing significant growth because of several factors.

Esports betting has expanded into global markets since gaming competitions involve players from different countries.

child 3264751 640 300x200 - Sports Betting : Why Indonesians are Shifting to Esports BettingThe coming of age of esports gamers eligible to participate in sports betting, has been driving the yearly increases in esports betting.

The organization of structured tournaments that aim to promote and drive growth among major games, has spawned the establishment of professional esports leagues that influence the esports betting environment.

Slot Developers Come Up with Their Own Brand of Slot Games Known as Slot Gacor

In the meantime, online slot gaming is also seeing a steady rise in Indonesia, as local online gambling websites like VSlots 88, are offering a wide selection of slots gacor. Presumably, developers are aware of how local gamblers see slot games as a potential source of additional income whether large or small.

Nonetheless, advocates of responsible gambling give advice for players to set a gambling budget so they won’t lose more than what they were able to achieve as gains. Technically, gamers must know when it’s time for them to quit, especially when they are already ahead. Moreover, they should refrain from placing higher bets that they anticipate would double or triple wins.